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Frozen Donor Eggs

Frozen Donor Eggs Available!

Proven Successful Outcomes

International Family Agency, LLC. is now offering frozen donor eggs!  Select donors (profiles shown once you register or login), have proven successful outcomes and as a result these eggs are being offered for purchase.

Egg Freezing at International Family Agency

Why purchase frozen donor eggs?

Saves Time

These eggs are ready for use so time is saved by not waiting for a donor to go through the egg retrieval protocol. You can begin your treatment cycle when it is convenient for you.

Bypass Unforeseen Circumstances

Occasionally, new and unproven donors may have a cancelled cycle due to low ovarian response or have an unexpected event which delays cycling. Purchasing eggs bypasses these unforeseen circumstances.

If you would like to discuss the purchase of these cryopreserved eggs stored in our facility, please contact our frozen donor egg coordinators Teresa and Gladdys using the form link below.

Frozen Donor Egg Information and Fees

International Family Agency, LLC offers frozen eggs from some of our most sought after and proven donors. We strictly adhere to all ASRM and FDA guidelines during the screening process. All candidates must have the following to advance forward:

Using quality medical protocols, we guarantee our frozen eggs have been retrieved and are cryopreserved at HRC Fertility located in Pasadena, California.

Our proven high standards guarantee the following:
Excluded Fees (will vary by fertility clinic):

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